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South Kerry Greenway - KC Digital Marketing
12Mar, 2020

KC Digital Marketing strongly support the South Kerry Greenway. We will be submitting again a letter to An Bord Pleaneála with our backing and reasoning behind the future of South Kerry and the greenway. We encourage everyone to do the same.

A letter and fee of €50 can be submitted before the 24th of June to :
An Bord Pleaneála
64 Malborough Street
Dublin 1

If fee has been paid before then all that is required is submission letter. This is the best way of taking action instead of talking!

THE proposed South Kerry Greenway, from Glenbeigh to Renard, is a lifeline and a game-changer. It would be the largest single tourist project ever undertaken in the area and it has the potential to create many hundreds of jobs thus stemming the cursed flow of emigration that has blighted our population for decade after decade.

This is not a project that one can sit on the fence about. Every politician must support it to the hilt and ensure that our children and grandchildren have the opportunity to live and work in their own local area, if they so decide.

On completion of this project, every man, woman and child will have the opportunity to get involved and gain paid employment from it. It will attract hundreds of thousands of cyclists and hikers to the area, all of whom have to eat and sleep somewhere.

Bicycle hire and repair will be sought after. Packed lunches and restaurants will be in demand. Hotels and B&Bs will be needed. There would be an increase in agri tourism possibilities and land valuations along the route. The list could be endless and the opportunities many.

Irish Greenways

Over 250,000 people use the Mayo Greenway and a further 250,000 use the Waterford Greenway annually. With a better track surface and stunning scenery, we can easily surpass those figures. Break that down to 5,000 plus per week. You can quickly see the earning potential it has and how the people of the area can benefit.

If we are genuine about retaining our post offices, shops, garda stations, hotels, restaurants and pubs in our local area, we know that they need to be used to be successful. If we do not grasp this chance to bring spending tourists in to our area, which will help our young people find gainful employment locally, then we are complicit in their closure.

Our schools too are suffering as a result of continuous emigration. Numbers have almost halved in Colaiste na Sceilige in Cahersiveen and GAA clubs throughout Iveragh and South Kerry are experiencing great difficulties trying to field teams. The South Kerry Greenway has the potential to reverse all these negative trends.

Iveragh Region

Bicycle hire and repair businesses will prosper

The Cahersiveen-Iveragh region is an area that has suffered severely to the hands of emigration. It is an area subject to continuous population decline. It is fair to say that Cahersiveen town is on its knees with many closed up businesses, a trend that seems to be continuing based on recent closures.

Caherciveen and Iveragh require immediate help. The South Kerry Greenway, when developed, will have the capability to guarantee a successful future for Cahersiveen and the entire Iveragh Peninsula, Glenbeigh, Killorglin, Mid and South Kerry.

Most of all, it will guarantee a future for our children and our children’s children for generations to come.

We can be self-sufficient in South and Mid-Kerry with the development of the South Kerry Greenway. We can live and work in our beautiful area. But we must all see the bigger picture. Don’t deny the future generations their birthright.

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