Web Analytics

Tailor your marketing to your customers behaviours.

Google Analytics helps you keep an eye on the activities and behaviours of website users. You are able to see key metrics like unique users, unique sessions, top performing website content, the performance of different traffic sources and much more. With the ability to view your conversion funnel, you can easily optimise your website’s user journey to decrease points of user drop-off.

You gain key insights such as geographical locations and top traffic sources, and your plan of action can be altered accordingly. Analytics lets you monitor ROI and see if you are achieving your goals. It also integrates into your social media platforms meaning you can monitor all your digital channels.

The key is to look at this data and see where you can improve your website. A lot of trial and error happens here, identifying what works and doesn’t work. All our websites come with FREE Google Analytics integrations. Have an existing website? We can integrate on that too!

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Web Analytics FAQ's

Web analytics is a way of collecting and analyzing what’s happening on your website, covering everything from what your visitors are doing, where they come from, what content they like, and a whole lot more.

Web analytics allows you to analyze in-depth detail about the visitors on your website. It provides valuable insights that can help you to shape the success strategy of your business. We have helped many businesses with web analytics in Kerry and throughout Munster.

At KC Digital Marketing, we provide FREE analytics with all Website Designs and Social Media Campaigns. Our customers have greatly benefitted from these FREE informative Web Analytics in Kerry and Munster.